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Black Friday 2 “The Living Legacy World Tour” is an inspiring film that chronicles Ric Mathis’ personal journey around the globe, inspiring people to embrace their Global Living Legacy. Kennedy Stewart a 10 year old entrepreneur narrates this journey, which celebrates black women as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America. This Film offers 7 practical principles to build a financial and ethical living legacy. A two part strategy to create your own living legacy.
Featuring David Banner, Les Brown, Jewel Tankard, Judge Lauren Lake, Dr. Boyce Watkins, and more

SATURDAY Join CoCo Studios & The Film Black Friday, LLC. We invite you to come watch the film Black Friday 2 get inspired on the Black Friday Movement, give to the needy, and to shop with local Black-Owned Businesses.

SUNDAY Brunch at Pascal's Resturant

We have partnered with Fuller Dudley Foundation for a brunch and fundraiser for the 1st museum celebrating African American Enterprenuers.